Face-To-Face DATS™️ Program

If you’re sick of jumping from one weight loss program to another, trying to find the answer to your weight problems, look no further.

We’re the ones people come to when all the diets fail — because diets do fail. In fact, scientific research has proved that as many as 98% of people regain all the weight they lose after going on a diet. Many people gain even more!

The reason most weight loss programs fail is because they don’t address the real reasons why you became overweight in the first place — your habits.

Our face-to-face Confidence Avalanche Body & Lifestyle Program focuses on what other weight loss programs don’t. We help you change your habits so you can lose weight and keep it off forever. Combining habit and mindset change with personalised exercise and nutrition advice, our program will finally have you on track to long-term, permanent weight loss.

This 12-month face-to-face program, delivered from our boutique transformation studio includes:


Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

Also known as the ‘body shaper’, FIRE is a research-proven system shown in clinical studies to consistently deliver rapid improvements in body shape. Not only does it change your body shape, but it increases your metabolism, making your body more efficient at burning fat.


All FIRE programs are personalised based on your goals, and structured and periodised, so you continue to progress with your results. We even include structured rest periods to reduce injury and burnout.

Features include:


Intense Cardio Exercise

Most exercise programs focus on excessive cardio exercise, but this only wipes out any chance at changing your body shape and burning fat. You probably know lots of people who spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill but never manage to change their body shape!


ICE is a science-based approach that maximises fitness and fat burning! In fact, ICE enables you to burn up to 3 times more fat than regular cardio exercise, as promoted by other weight loss programs. Just like FIRE, it increases your metabolism, so your body becomes more efficient at burning fat.

Features include:

If you’re ready to learn how to lose weight without dieting and excessive exercise, click the link below and apply for your place in our online coaching program.


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