To be the preferred Body and Lifestyle Transformation specialists worldwide.


To free people from a painful and restricted life by empowering and educating them so they can enhance their overall long-term health, fitness, and quality of life.



We care about our reputation and are committed to acting in a professional manner with all our clients and suppliers.


We work together to ensure the best possible care, safety, and well-being of our members and our team.

Support and Inclusion

We are a strong, supportive, and close-knit community that creates a welcoming environment. We treat everyone with respect and aim to ensure everyone feels safe, whether it be face-to-face or online, despite their race, religion, culture, sexual orientations, gender or identity.


We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency even when it’s challenging. We follow a scientifically backed program and do not sell quick-fixes or fad diets.

Empathetic and nurturing

We understand that people come to us when they are in pain (physical or emotional), so we work to alleviate their suffering, and create joy
whenever possible.

Excellence and reliability

We ensure the highest standards and
excellent outcomes through effective interactions, decision-making, actions, and attention to detail.


We believe whole-heartedly in what we do, and are absolutely committed to changing lives.


True change can only occur when someone is ready, so we patiently wait for that time, and never force anyone to do something they’re not ready to do.


We drive small and large changes to transform health and fitness everywhere.

Imani Tribe


The letters

The ‘I’ stands for IMANI, which means faith

The ‘T’ stands for Tribea close-knit, supportive and non-judgemental community.  

Together they represent the human body, mind and soul.

The circle

The circle represents our holistic approach — How you LOOk (body shape/ composition), how you FEEL (your health) and how you FUNCTION (energy levels).

Our program is a complete process that constructs the correct environment for permanent change. It provides you with the knowledge, systems, tools and skills, which can be used in any situation, every day of the week. 

The circle also signifies unity and the efforts of all those involved in supporting your journey.

The puzzle

The puzzle pieces fitting together represents us helping you put the pieces of your puzzle together and finding the missing piece from within. 

The puzzle represents patience because just like a messy and scattered puzzle, it takes time for the pieces of your life and Transformation to come together. 

Transformation is like a puzzle — we have all the pieces, we just need time, love

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