Unlike diet plans and other weight loss programs, our holistic body and lifestyle transformation program is more than just fitness (exercise) and nutrition (food).

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Let’s face it

Focusing on food and exercise without addressing the habits and mindset that got us where we are is just like refilling a flat punctured tyre with air over and over without sealing the puncture and addressing the cause — a waste of time.

Diet plans and most weight loss programs don’t work because of this backward approach of addressing the WHAT (Food and exercise) instead of the WHY (The obstacles that prevent us from eating well and exercising regularly) — habits, mindset, beliefs, identities and fears.

We cannot achieve long-term weight loss and transformation with the same habits and mindset that got us overweight. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

People don’t have weight loss problems, food or exercise problems, confidence problems, health problems, professional problems, business problems, parenting problems or relationship problems.

People have habits, mindsets, beliefs, identities and fears that reflect on their weight, health, relationships, careers, eating and exercise habits and throughout their life.

Unfortunately, these problems cannot be resolved with diets and exercise.

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