Dear control freak…

We see you.

We know who you are.

You’re the person who likes to be in control of everything.

You’re the one who freaks out when things don’t go to plan — your plan.

You’re the one who only feels in control of your life, if you can control everything that happens.

We see you.

You’re the person who is afraid. Afraid of so many things.

You’re afraid something will happen to your kids. You’re afraid of what other people think of you. You’re afraid of putting on weight. You’re afraid of missing out.

We see you control freak, and understand.

You feel that if you can control everything around you, you can prevent bad things happening. You believe that if you’re in control, everything will be okay. You believe that you’ll be okay.

But we know that when you’re not in control, you freak out.

So you tighten the reins a little more, in order to keep yourself feeling safe.

We know. We see you.

You’re so afraid of putting on weight, that you control everything you eat. You’re so afraid that if you let go for just a little while, your eating and weight will spiral out of control.

You’re afraid that if you give your kids too much freedom, that something will happen to them. You’re worried that they’ll make a mistake, or get themselves into trouble. And you don’t know how you’ll cope with that.

You’re afraid of what people will say if they really know you. So you carefully control everything in your life. You’re careful what you post on social media, what you say to friends, and who you let in.

You find it hard to delegate at work because you don’t believe anyone can do as good a job as you. So you take on more responsibility than you need to, and end up feeling overworked and burned out.

And you never admit that you need help because that means, you’re not in control.

But we see you. We see the fear that you live in.

You think that controlling everything will keep you safe. But in reality, it keeps you trapped.

We know who you are and we can help you.

We can show you how to let go, and still feel safe.

We can help you overcome your controlling eating habits, and drop the diet mindset forever.

We can help you grow in confidence which will help you know that whatever happens in life, you’ll be okay.

We can show you how to let go of the need to control, so you can be a better role model for your kids.

We can help you learn to delegate to others without worrying about the outcome.

We can help you let go of control, so you can live in freedom.

We see you, control freak. And we’re here.

Are you ready to let go?

Are you ready for a life of freedom?

All you need to do, is reach out and ask for help.

Because we’re waiting for you.

Love Mel and Ronnie.

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