Why you can’t lose weight for good without a body and lifestyle transformation

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight for good, but had a hard time achieving it, you’re not alone.

For many people, losing weight is the easy part. But they struggle with keeping it off.

When trying to lose weight, most people embark on a diet. This usually involves cutting calories — either by restricting food, fasting, turning to weight-loss shakes or detoxes — and increasing exercise levels in a bid to burn calories.

Why diets don’t work

While quick-fixes will lead to initial weight loss, they will eventually cause you to gain back the weight you lose, along with a few extra kilos.

This is because diets and quick-fixes:

  • lead to a decline in your metabolism, which makes it extremely difficult to keep weight off, or lead to weight gain
  • are not sustainable for the long-term, so eventually you come off them and return to your old way of eating and exercising (or being sedentary!)
  • don’t empower you to change the habits that led you to become overweight in the first place
  • don’t provide structure and accountability to help you build a lifestyle that will support long-term weight loss
  • don’t help you change your mindset around dieting and body image
  • take an ‘all or nothing’ approach which leads to enormous amounts of stress, increasing the likelihood of the binge-starvation cycle that many people get stuck in.

Change your lifestyle to change your body

The only way to change your body shape, lose weight and keep it off for good is to overhaul your lifestyle.

Of course, this involves changing your diet and doing the right kind of exercise. But a Body & Lifestyle Transformation is so much more than that.

At Imani Tribe Transformations we help people just like you who want more than a good body ditch the diets that take over your life and lose weight forever so you can reclaim your health, vitality, confidence, freedom and quality of life.

By creating and implementing a customised plan that is backed by science, we give you the knowledge, system, tools and skills to help you lose weight, and overcome the fears and habits that have been holding you back.

In short, we are the ones people come to when all the diets fail and we transform your life so you can lose weight for good.

We do this by…

Ditching the diets

A major problem with diets is that you just don’t eat enough food. In order for our body to function properly, and burn fat, we need to feed it proper nutrition. We help our members ditch the diet mindset, and learn to see food as their friend.

“I used to eat small amounts of food and snacks but then would find I needed chocolate during my work day. Eating dry biscuits was my version of healthy. Boy was I wrong. I now eat 6 meals a day and am loving it.” — Jo Sharpe

Focusing on the right kind of exercise

When you learn how to factor the right kind of exercise into your life, you’ll not only have more energy, but you’ll be less prone to injury. Doing less exercise will also lead to better results in your body shape, with a lot less stress.

“When I reached out for help, I felt pretty bad, my body was broken and giving me problems, I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed which was having a negative impact on me emotionally. The importance of focus and exercising correctly is now ingrained in my mind. I’ve learnt to not go crazy smashing myself in workouts until I break down. Over the last ten months I have achieved a fully functioning body, increased muscle mass, and completed my first fun run.” – Andrew Lewis

Providing structure and accountability

Most diets and weight loss programs only focus on calories in and calories out – that is what you eat and how much exercise you do. They don’t provide you with the structure that will show you what you have to do, and they don’t give you the accountability that makes you do what you need to do. At Imani Tribe, structure and accountability is a key component of our Body & Lifestyle Program, because without them, you’ll never succeed in losing weight for good.

“I joined boot camps and never lost any weight and I didn’t understand why. I hired a personal trainer and spent a whole lot of money with him and still didn’t get any results. I even did yoga. Then I just gave up. The environment and accountability at Imani gave me results because I did what I had to do when I had to do it, and not just when I felt like it. I have Mel and Ronnie in my corner to make sure I do what I have to do.” – Teresia Ndulo Kioko

Changing habits

There are many habits that prevent us from having the body we crave. Often, we think that it’s bingeing at night, or drinking too much that is the problem. However, these behaviours are simply a symptom of a larger, key-stone habit at work. We help our clients identify their habits, and then show them how to change them so they can have the body and life they’ve been dreaming of.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is not to be a perfectionist. I’ve established a new routine with my food and exercise that works for me because it is achievable. I’ve stopped feeling guilty about non-compliant meals and have enjoyed spending more time outdoors walking and riding my bike, instead of just training in the gym. I have gained confidence as a trainer because I can see how my body has changed and people are taking the time to tell me they are noticing too…so it must be true.” – Edwina Ewins

“I was desperate to get my health and fitness back and I wanted to fit into size 12 suit pants. I’d blossomed to a size 16, had a belly, a backside and could not even fit one leg into these pants. Changing my habits and my lifestyle was key. It meant changing my world and the way I planned my week. I needed to incorporate 2 early morning ICE and FIRE sessions into my working week. It meant getting up early and getting enough sleep. I had survived on very little sleep for 6 years studying into the early hours of each day, after working 8-10 hour days and doing the single mama gig of dinner, bath and bed. The look on my daughter’s face as I did the zip up on those size 12 suit pants – made this journey so worthwhile!” – Liv Cox

Focusing on health instead of weight loss

Most weight loss programs focus on losing weight. While this may result in short-term weight loss, it’s often at the expense of your overall wellbeing. Not only does your metabolism become compromised, but so does the way your body functions. This leads to lower immunity, meaning you’re more likely to get sick, and increased levels of fatigue. We help people have a body that feels, functions and looks great.

“I no longer have a requirement for blood pressure medication and I have improved my mental health and capabilities to deal with stress. I am now feeling good, proud of what I’ve achieved and know there is so much more to do and I am really looking forward to it.” – Andrew Lewis

“Before starting with Mel & Ronnie, I was totally out of alignment. My mindset and hormones were a vicious cycle that I thought was my identity, that I thought I could never break free from and have the freedom I desired within. I had such a chemical imbalance that affected my body in so many ways that I was living in a chronic painful lifestyle. Working with Mel & Ronnie has been a life saver for me, as I’m now living my best authentic life and to me that is everything.” – Kayla Biondo

Growing confident people

Many people lack confidence because they believe they have to wait until they have the body they desire to feel happy and confident. This isn’t true. We help our clients face their fears so they can grow in confidence and happiness while working towards the body of their dreams. When our clients are able to face their fears, they not only grow in confidence, but they’re one step close to having the body they want. This confidence then leads them to set bigger, scarier goals, so they can achieve more than they ever dreamed.

“I have faced my fears and been rewarded. I’m happier in myself and to top it off have recently met a lovely guy.” – Edwina Ewins

“I now have years of achievements under my belt, and a strong desire to continue setting big goals for myself (some of which I am still yet to work out but I’m excited to keep searching for them on this adventure that we call life).” – Jess Mangeli

Changing the lives of many

Undergoing a Body & Lifestyle Transformation will not only change your life, but the lives of those around you. Your family will benefit from you being happier, healthier and less stressed. But changing lives also has a ripple effect and often, our members inspire other people to get started on their journey as well.

“Before I joined Imani Fitness I didn’t know how bad I was physically, mentally and emotionally. My back and knees were hurting as a result of the nature of my job. I envisioned myself not being able to enjoy life due to being unfit and worst of all not playing with my kids and grandkids. A few months into my transformation I began feeling more energetic and comfortable doing tasks I was previously unable to do. I started seeing results physically on the 12-week consult photos which encouraged me to build up my confidence.” – Eric Mangeli

“My wife has joined me at Imani and we are a power couple. Our kids have taken on our new habits and I will continue to push myself and others to understand where I am and where I am going on my life journey. I am now going to live to see my grandkids and they are going to see me! I am walking the earth as a new man.” – Mark Leonard

“Before I fully committed to transformation, I was sad, lonely, felt unworthy, old and frumpy. I was very overweight, had no self-confidence, and was a people-pleaser who worried about what others thought of me. I feared judgement and avoided anything that would put me in the spotlight, because I was ashamed of how I looked. I had a strong diet mindset, was a perfectionist and needed others to validate me. I focused on the negatives, compared myself to others, and ran away from the hard work I knew I needed to do. Now I love who I am, I’ve ditched the diet mindset, stopped worrying about what people think of me, grown in my confidence, and confronted my fears. As a result, my business revenue has grown by 86% in the last financial year alone. I’m also working with my ideal clients, winning large projects, and am now mentoring other people in my industry.” – Nerissa Bentley

Lose weight for good this year

If you’re ready to lose weight for good this year, and change your life in ways you never thought possible, we want to hear from you.

Ready to lose the weight for good & reclaim your freedom, vitality & quality of life?

We’re not an alternative to the diets. We are the solution!

You’ve tried dieting and figuring it out by yourself a million times before, none of them worked, in fact, they all left you worse off and more miserable than when you started.

Now it’s time to try something different.

People don’t have weight problems, people have personal problems (identities, habits, mindset, beliefs and fears) that reflect throughout their life, which can’t be resolved with dieting and focusing on food and exercise.

Dieting and focusing on food and exercise without addressing the habits and mindset that got us overweight is just like refilling a flat punctured tyre with air over and over without sealing the puncture and addressing the cause — a waste of time.

We cannot achieve long-term weight loss and transformation with the same habits and mindset that got us overweight. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Put simply, weight loss takes care of itself when we address and eliminate the personal problems that leads to weight gain and hold us back from losing the weight for good.

Lose the weight for good, and get the body, confidence and lifestyle you desire with The DATS personal coaching program™️– The Not-Diet-Diet for people who want more than a good body.

A complete all-in-one habits, mindset and holistic weight loss transformation system that gives you everything you need (knowledge, systems, tools, skills, structure, accountability and support) to finally lose the weight for good, and get the body, confidence and lifestyle you desire — even on your worst days.

No restrictive diets, no food rules, no crazy all-or-nothing workout regimes, no counting calories or measuring food. Just a simple habits, mindset & holistic weight loss strategies that work.

All you need to do, is take the first step.

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Lose the weight for good, get the Body, Confidence & Lifestyle you desire with our DATS™ program - The Not-Diet-Diet for people who want more than a good body.

No restrictive diets, no food rules, no crazy all-or-nothing workout regimes, no counting or measuring food.

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Limited spots on first-come, first-served basis.

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