Callum's Story

“I can’t help but feel lucky to have stumbled on to something that truly works. With a few mistakes and persistence I’ve gained the knowledge, skills and tools that will help me over come any obstacle for the rest of my life."

Callum followed MP to the letter, gained 4.34kg of lean muscle mass and lost 1.3% body fat!

Unlike many that fixate on weight loss during their transformation, 23 year old Callum Robinson wanted to gain lean mass throughout his program and still shed body fat! 

Callum followed MP to the letter, gained 4.34kg of lean muscle mass and lost 1.3% body fat! 

Cal added a total of 29cm to his body, over 4kgs of pure muscle and sits in the single digit % for body fat. 

Now rest assured for those of you that have never tried it, building muscle while staying lean, is incredibly difficult. 
Building 4kgs of muscle while getting leaner is an amazingly difficult achievement. 
I would go so far as to say, if I had to choose between losing 20kgs of fat or building 3 kgs of muscle, I’d choose the massive fat loss goal – it’s easier! 
To be able to show a clear increase in shredded lean mass during a transformation means the individual has become a true master of nutrition and training. 
And probably, worked closely with a genuine expert. 

Success leaves clues. 
Before he even began, Callum had a very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve. 
Cal said…The Way I Will look is: Lean, Muscular, Toned. Generally Healthy
However, I also Will be able to: 
Prepare and cook healthy meals
Build a sustainable workout program
Use the skills I learn to improve and maintain my health
My Lifestyle Improvements Will be: 
Improved Nutrition
Energy. Particularly after work
Cut back drinking.
How many 23 year olds will place “being able to prepare and cook healthy meals” as one of their main goals of transformation?
Cal showed a focus and maturity beyond his young years.

“These aspects were important to me not simply because I want to “look good” but because health has increasingly become more evident as I and more revealingly, the people around me age. I have a physically demanding job, I’m a Carpenter/Framer and I’ve seen the toll it takes on your body, especially on my dads who has been in the trade for more than forty years and now has chronic knee and back problems.”

“I really wanted to reduce the damages from my occupation. I’ve also noticed that most people put on weight as they age… I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to do this or any other program in ten years and be writing goals like I’ll lose 30 kgs, for my kids sake or the doctor told me to. I’m think its important for me to take a proactive approach, make the most of my health. With this program I really wanted to acquire the skills to improve and maintain it for the rest of my life,” said Cal. 

“I’ve tried to get into this sort of shape before and failed each time. So I decided to work with an expert; I sort out Mel Cook – MP Level 3 Transformation Specialist and right from the start things were very different,” said Callum. 

“Firstly, we began by setting my overall goals which you may have noticed are more knowledge and experience orientated than body composition changes. We actually broke down my ultimate goals into application goals – namely how I applied nutrition and resistance training.”

“Nutrition was an area I really struggled with in the past. Mel took me through the entire MP process. What an experience! Mel made it incredibly easy! Mel provided a seemingly limitless resource of information – she had the answer to every single question I could think of, the solution to every obstacle I faced. As weeks rolled by the nutrition side of things just seemed to fall into place.” 

“Sure I made lots of mistakes along the way – a few burnt omelettes and not so stomach friendly liquid meals, with each step I was on my way to improving my health and fitness…” 

“As my work was physically active and I wanted to add lean body weight we utilized the MP Lean Mass Program – this involved a few tweaks with food selections inside and outside the Metabolic Window. Mel has a careful eye and attention to detail – as soon as my energy levels started to decline Mel would adjust my nutrition intake and it worked amazingly well. Even though my work days as a chippie were long and busy, by the time I arrived to the gym I still had energy to burn. As weeks passed I was eating more food and I was getting leaner!” Exclaimed Callum.

Thanks to Mel getting his nutrition nailed so well there was another benefit to the program. 
“Mel set up my workout plan, a 4 day-a-week resistance training; I completed two days with Mel and worked out two days on my own. By far my biggest obstacle was actually getting to gym as I just lost my licence as my training program started… AHH cruel world!! But I did make it to and from gym each week without missing a session.”

“Mel showed me how to structure a science-based training program using the MP research-proven training principles. It’s good to know what you’re applying has actually worked in research. We set small progressive overload goals within the phases of the program and I responded well. I managed to get all my core body exercises over my own body weight. Apparently I’m a “hard gainer” but despite this I managed to put on 4.3 kg over the 12 weeks. When I told Cribby, he informed me that a lot of guys on the juice (anabolic steroids) don’t manage to do that!”

“I can’t help but feel lucky to have stumbled on to something that truly works. With a few mistakes and persistence I’ve gained the knowledge, skills and tools that will help me over come any obstacle for the rest of my life; how to train while working a physically demanding 50 hour work week, how to create FDN – fast delicious nutrition – meals I love to prepare and eat every day. My whole lifestyle has changed and I feel great about what I have achieved.”

And just to show its no short term thing, here’s Cal, 9 months later..
Virtually the same body fat and another few kgs of lean muscle added. 

“Without Mel’s incredible knowledge and understanding of the MP systems I would never have came close to reaching my goals. I know this because I tried a few times before with little to no success… Ahh, if only I’d known the benefits of a Certified MP Specialist. I can’t thank Mel enough.”

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