Eric Mangeli's Story

I am learning that I can do it!

Hi everyone, my name is Eric and this is my 12 month result.

It has not been an easy journey and I confess that I’ve not been the most consistent person with training and transformation. Before I joined Imani Fitness I didn’t know how bad I was physically, mentally and emotionally. My back and knees were hurting as a result of the nature of my job. I then had a snap point; I don’t deserve this at the age of 29 years. I envisioned myself not being able to enjoy life due to being unfit and worst of all not playing with my kids and grand kids. A few months into my transformation I began feeling more energetic and comfortable doing tasks I was previously unable to do. I started seeing results physically on the 12 week consult photos which encouraged me to build up my confidence.

During this period I fell in love with the love of my life Jess Comben (2018 MP Most inspirational member of the year & Transformational finalist). 

2018- 2019 has been a great year of achievements in my life. 

Now I like myself more and know what is waiting for me ahead. 

I know I can do better and bigger things this year. Watch this space. Thank you for your support Mel & Ronnie.

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