Jo Sharpe's Story

We choose our own limitations. Choose wisely.

Mother, 55, age is no barrier!

The journey to achieving the health and body that you crave involves learning a lot of new lessons.

Jo’s top ten lessons to achieving the body and health that you crave.

1. Eat meals. Eating small amounts or snacks is not the definition of healthy if you’re body shape is increasing in body fat. I used to eat small amounts of food and snacks but then would find I needed chocolate during my work day. Eating dry biscuits was my version of healthy. Boy was I wrong. I now eat 6 meals a day and am loving it.

2. Be organised and have a routine. This removes a lot of stress and worry.

3. Persistence pays off. It’s ok to have a bad day. You might have a bad day or week but keep going because the next week you might be on fire.

4. Always learn from others but never compare your journey to anyone else’s. You can’t make assumptions about anyone else or the chapter that they are in.

5. If things get too hard, don’t give up, find a new solution. Make it fit into your lifestyle instead of being a slave to something.

6. Don’t over think things. We need to know that we are not the experts. Our trainer is. If we were, we wouldn’t need them. It is important to be ready to learn new mindsets and trust the process and the trainer.

7. Our children and loved ones model what we do more than what we say. If we want our loved ones to practice healthy behaviours then it is up to us to be a role model to them.

8. No one else is going to do it for us. We have to look after ourselves.

9. We don’t know what we don’t know. I have been exercising for along time, but not until now did I know how to actually switch my muscles on.

10. It’s not a race with anyone, but slow and steady wins the race. Focus on breaking and replacing one habit at a time.

Jo’s top tips to achieving the health and body that you crave.

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy the journey. Focus on the process and not the outcome.

2. Forget about the scales, focus on how you look and feel on your clothes.

3. Get to bed early before training. Your focus starts with what you do at home.

4. Always have salmon portions in the freezer and roast chook in the fridge. I do a big shop on the Sunday. I also do some meal prep every night too.

5. Eat meals and don’t just snack on fruit or dry biscuits. Your body needs more fuel than that.

6. You make your own choices so choose wisely.

7. If things are going wrong in your life, don’t miss your gym work. This is when it’s more important.

8. Listen to your body. It responds to everything you do.

9. Just do it, it’s not hard, stop making excuses. That makes it harder for yourself. Make the decision to have confidence in yourself, and don’t listen to negative people. Mix with people who are positive and bring you up.

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