Veronica Taumoefolau's Story

"it scares me, it feels like I need to do it to keep pushing me further to what I want, that's what I want. I need to do something that scares me to overcome that fear. I find that i normally hold myself back when something scares me so I need to have something in front of me that just makes me do it."

“When do you see an islander doing a 23km obstacle race or standing on stage in a body building comp?


I am going to change this!”

Veronica has gone through her fare share of struggles either through changing her routines, injuries, prepping food and juggling home duties, being a mum and running a business. But the day she realised that her reasons and goals stayed the same no matter how many times she woke up, went to sleep, dropped the kids off at school or any other duties she was doing.

she knew she will continue to chase her goals and her reason why, no matter what.

At the end of the day I will continue to chase my goals and my reason why, no matter what.”

Here are Veronica’s tips to help you with your transformation.

  1. Your WHY comes first: I have learnt that unexpected things happen in our life and we cannot stop these things from happening. The only way to overcome these hurdles, is we need to set our goals first in front of us. This gives us something to move forward to, look forward to and to drive us.

  2. Keep practicing: Even though you tend to struggle at the beginning, keep practicing. You are not expected to be a professional or master chief in the beginning.

    You begin to create a routine and there is really no turning back. It becomes a lifestyle and there is no end to it. And the greatest part is, you are not cutting calories out, counting calories or doing any kind of restrictive dieting. What we need to do was eat more and train less.

  3. There is no excuse:I took a harsh ankle injury at the beginning of one of my programs, I was devastated and I was letting my injury overcome my goals. After speaking with my mentor Mel, she opened my mind to a new way of thinking which I love. From then I decided there was no backing down. I wasn’t going to allow an injury to stop me from what I wanted to achieve. My solution was to focus on what I could do and keep the remainder of my 12 weeks as compliant as I could with my nutrition and continue to attend my 2 FIRE sessions.

    “You don’t realise where this can take you, until you wake up one day and you have abs, so keep going, do not give up.”

  4. Do not give up: The first 12 weeks was tough. I was excited to do the best I could and finish. But what I had noticed was after week 12, I was still prepping foods, I was still making my MP meals and I was still waking up not wanting to eat cereals. Before I knew it I had finished 3 programs with my mentor and my abs were showing.

    You don’t realise where this can take you, until you wake up one day and you have abs, so keep going, do not give up.

Veronica is a personal trainer and she worked with me online for her transformation and business mentoring.

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