Lisa Macdonald's Story

My Journey has been amazing I've enjoyed every minute it of it.

I guarantee you know one of these women. 99% of women, at least once in their life has had a problem with food, eating and mindset.

Lisa experienced aneroxia for 8 years and now she is a role model, a life changer and has a body that she has nourished and worked hard for.


“After having an eating problem and being anorexic for around 8 yrs or so, it was to finally be proud of my body and to show it off.”

On Sunday the 20th of September 2015, Lisa took to the stage after overcoming a long time of struggling with body image.

Lisa knew she needed to face her demons and prime her metabolism the right way. And after a good 18 months of eating more food than she has ever eaten and doing less exercise she has ever done, Lisa took away a 3rd placing in the masters (over 50s), feeling and looking the best she has ever felt.

“I struggled a lot with body image for a long time!”

Lisa is a true testament that age is just a number, she is the best she has ever been and she is only going to get stronger.

She is also a lighthouse and bubble of inspiration for females everywhere who have been hit by the body image parasite. You can change your thinking and you can create the health and body you deserve.

“My Journey has been amazing I’ve enjoyed every minute it of it.

One thing is for sure that being pushed out of my comfort zone really makes you work hard.

By blackmailing yourself also makes you work hard and by letting everyone know what you are doing,makes you get the best result you can possible get.

I started this journey to make a dream come true, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but was too scared to do.

I needed to grow and needed my business to grow.

I want to help others achieve big things no matter what it is and to do that I needed to challenge myself.

It’s amazing how everything works when you put yourself out there. \

I’ve inspired people, I’ve created a great little community which I am so excited to watch grow.

I’m getting the respect I always wanted.

The hardest thing for me is still to say thank you when someone says your doing amazing, but I know I’ve worked hard and I deserve that thanks now.”

Lisa Macdonald is a personal trainer here to help those who are willing to make the change to a better lifestyle.
She loves to train women who are wanting to get there body back after having kids or to get past their body image issues.
She also aims to show you that age is no barrier.
Lisa trains her clients in the Berwick /Narre Warren area.

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