Want to become more than just a PT and build your ultimate fitness business that gives you consistent income and the freedom & lifestyle you desire?

Do you want to build a wildly profitable fitness business that not only allows you to take time off, but allows you to live a meaningful life by genuinely changing your clients’ lives instead of selling diets and exercise plans?

If you’re like many personal trainers, you’re probably working hard — really hard. You’re probably doing all you can to survive — after all, it’s a competitive industry we work in. This incredible work ethic that you have is an advantage in the beginning. However, in order to build your business, you’re finding you’re working harder than ever, and sacrificing more than you like, just to stay afloat.

Working long hours, to recruit, retain and train your clients becomes all that you know. But you have to work hard to be successful, yes?

No. You have to work smarter not harder. And we can show you how.

We provide a Personal Trainer Mentoring Program to help fitness professionals become more than just trainers. We help them specialise and become body and lifestyle transformation coaches, so they can build successful businesses, without the grind, and truly change lives, instead of continuing to sell quick-fix solutions that don’t solve anything.

Free yourself from the hustle, stress and burnout

Our culture has glorified the hustle, so we feel like something is missing unless we’re working ourselves to death. We think this is what it takes to be successful, but that’s false.

In reality, you can’t reach your full potential if you’re unhealthy and burnt out. You can’t help or inspire others to be their best, if you’re giving them what’s left of you, instead of the best of you.

Eventually, the long hours that kept you alive in the early days will become a cost to your business.

You’ll find yourself doing the same things over and over again, just to attract and retain your clients. These tasks will not only suck your time, and energy, but drive you crazy

That’s why you need automated systems. Systems to save you time. Systems to save you money. And systems to save your mind.

Build your ultimate fitness business and live a life of freedom

Are you ready to stop working long hours recruiting, retaining and training your clients?

Are you ready to drop the hustle, stress and burnout that PTs often experience?

Are you ready to learn how to convert your PT business model to one where you can constantly and effortlessly attract the RIGHT clients, who will stay with you and become a tribe of raving fans?

If you are, you need our Personal Trainer Mentoring Program.

Who is our PT Mentoring Program for?

Our Personal Trainer Mentoring Program is for PTs who want to:

The Imani Tribe Personal Trainer Mentoring Program will give you the confidence, direction and self-belief to build the business, body and life that you dream of.

Free yourself from the hustle, stress and burnout

You’ll learn how to:

Become more than just a PT​

You can have the best nutrition knowledge or be the best fitness trainer, but if you can’t package that knowledge and turn it into a product, or don’t know how to deliver that knowledge to your clients (i.e. through coaching), then your business will always struggle.

The biggest problem in business is obscurity. You can be the best in the world but if no one knows who you are, no one will buy from you and you’ll go nowhere.

Through our Personal Trainer Mentoring Program, we’ll teach you how to package and deliver your products, and how to market yourself so you can stand out in the crowd and reach your ideal audience.

And to stand out from the crowd, we’ll help you become a specialist.

Specialists have an easier time defining their target audience, have an easier time selling their services, and most importantly, can earn more money than those who don’t specialise. Specialists are also better at their job and more trusted in their craft, because they serve a specific person and solve a specific problem. If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a GP or a brain surgeon?

We can help you become a highly-respected Body and Lifestyle Transformation Coach — the brain surgeon to the average PT, if you will.

We’ll work with you to create a step-by-step plan so you can build the business you want, to work the hours you want, and earn the money you want. We’ll give you the skills, knowledge, systems and most importantly, the confidence to help you reach your goals, so you can make the jump from regular PT, to Specialist Transformation Coach.

Stop going around in circles and feeling overwhelmed, chasing your tail and barely scraping by.

Become a Specialist Transformation Coach with a successful business, and a well-balanced, happy life, where you genuinely change your clients’ lives instead of selling 6-12 weeks diets and exercise plans.

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Transform your life, not just your body, from anywhere in the world.

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