Teresia Ndulo Kioko's Story

"Despite the hurdles I'll face next year, my year is going to be filled with prosperity and self love."

“I’m sick of being that girl who everyone takes as a joke.

I want to be a role model, I want to be an inspiration to someone.”

I am now 30 years if age and I’ve always loved exercising since I was young, P.E was my favourite class of all.

When I came to Australia, I joined several gyms and went only once in the whole year.

I joined boot camps and never lost any weight and I didn’t understand why.

I hired a personal trainer and spent a whole lot of money with him and still didn’t get any results. I even did yoga. Then I just gave up.

Until, I heard Ronnie and his beautiful partner had a gym. I thought I have to go to this gym because he would understand what exactly I want/need because he would know African women are built differently, surely there had to be something different for us.

I was very excited to join the tribe. I’ve learned so much from Mel and Ronnie. Things that I have never learned before. The environment and accountability gave me results because I did what I had to do when I had to do it and not just when i felt like it.

At the beginning of this year, life didn’t go as I had planned at all, so then I started to doubt my self, I forgot my why, I just did things, one day at a time without purpose.

I didn’t push my self as much when training.

And then I was hit with something that really hurt. Mel got me to take a photo in my bra and undies for the first time and it opened my eyes. I had been lying to myself for so long. I got results with Mel and Ronnie last year, but I want more, I deserve more.

I have learned that when you are the common denominator in everything similar you’ve tried and hasn’t worked out, it means you are the problem, so now I’ve consciously decided to fix the problem. I am slowly learning to get out of my way, I’ll rebuke my self out of the way if I have to but I will achieve my goals.

I have Mel and Ronnie in my corner to make sure I do what I have to do.

I’m looking forward to my next progress photo.
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