The Imani Difference: Why we’re not about dieting, exercising, or 12-week challenges

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If you’ve promised yourself that this is the year you’re finally going to lose weight, you might be wondering which weight loss program is the best one for you. After all, you’ve tried a few already and they didn’t really give you the results you were looking for.

Well, before you jump on board with another fad diet, or quick-fix you might be interested to discover why the Imani Tribe is different to what you’ve done before, and why this difference is what will give you results.

But first, let’s be clear on what we don’t do…


Follow diets or count calories

Unlike other weight loss programs, we don’t count calories or restrict food. In fact, many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn just how much food they can eat. You see, diets only focus on creating a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. While a calorie deficit is required for weight loss, the deficit required for long-term, sustainable weight loss needs to be much smaller than most people think.

Creating a larger deficit by restricting food and calories, can actually lead to weight gain. It also compromises your metabolism and your overall health and energy levels, which cause you to burnout, or give up on your weight loss program.

Instead, we teach our clients how to get over the diet mindset, and show them how they can eat lots of healthy food that nourishes their body, builds a fast metabolism, and leaves them feeling more energetic than ever.

And instead of making their lifestyle fit with our program, we show them how to incorporate our program into their lifestyle.

Run boot-camps, or do long workouts

Despite popular opinion, bootcamps, excessive cardio and long workouts aren’t the answer to your weight-loss woes. Of course, exercise is an important piece of the puzzle, but you need to perform the right kind of exercise. We focus on three types of exercise — FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Training), ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise), LIA (Low Intensity Activity).

FIRE training (aka weight training) will help build a body that burns fat. Because 66% of our metabolism is influenced by muscle mass, we focus on improving your body composition (i.e. more muscle and less fat) so you can have a fully functioning, quick metabolism. To help burn fat, we also add in a little ICE training — no more than two, 30-minute sessions a week, along with regular LIA such as walking, swimming, cycling, playing with the kids, or whatever other fun activity you like to do.

Instead of thrashing you with long workouts and grueling exercise, we show you how to incorporate less exercise in your week for maximum results.

Run challenges or sign you up for 6 or 12 weeks

You know how most gyms run 6- or 12-week challenges? Well, we don’t. For two reasons — habits and data.

In order to truly transform your life and achieve the body of your dreams, you need to change your habits. A short-term challenge is no better than a quick-fix that focuses on losing as much weight as possible, as quickly as possible. If you don’t actually address the reasons that you became overweight in the first place — your habits — it won’t be long until you’re back in the same place you were prior to the challenge, only you’ll feel worse about yourself.

Secondly, in order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to collect data. Data is the golden secret that most people miss. Without data (e.g. information about what you eat, how you move, what you think, how you feel, how you slelep, etc.), you’ll be unable to lose weight and keep it off. Data not only sheds light on the habits that are holding you back, but it also shows what does and doesn’t work for you. We use our clients’ data to develop a personalised program that will get them results, which we tweak as we collect more data. Without data, you or your trainer are only guessing about the right approach for you, and a short-term challenge just doesn’t provide enough quality data to work with.

We actually require our clients to sign up for a minimum of 12 months. This gives us plenty of time to focus on the journey of weight loss, and collect enough data so we can totally transform lives once and for all.

Focus on how your body looks

Most gyms and other personal trainers focus purely on how your body looks, or how much it weighs. However, this is often at the cost of how your body feels and functions.

We take a different approach, because we know that if you don’t have a body that functions properly, or you’re constantly tired, cranky and run-down, there’s no joy to be had in having a body that looks good. But this is exactly what happens when you go on a diet — you might look great, but you don’t feel great.

At Imani Tribe, we concentrate on building a body that looks, feels and functions at optimal levels. So you can rest assured that you’ll never compromise your overall physical or mental health in the quest to lose weight.

Prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution

Gyms or trainers who offer a one-size-fits-all solution (e.g. meal plans, workouts), simply won’t be able to get you results that you can keep. This is because a one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit all! Everyone has different goals, challenges, injuries, mobility levels, body shape, personal preferences and habits. There is no way that one meal plan or one workout plan will meet the needs of everyone.

That’s why take a personalised approach, where we sit down and talk to you about what you want to achieve, what you struggle with, what you’re good at. When we know your individual circumstances, we can prescribe the right program that will suit you.


Take an holistic approach

We believe that undergoing a Body & Lifestyle Transformation should change more than just your body. It should change your whole life. Not only do we help our clients improve their health and their body by losing weight, we help them change their entire lives — by building their confidence, reducing stress, increasing energy levels, helping them sleep better, improving their relationships, and even helping them be more successful in their careers and businesses.

Focus on habits and mindset

As we mentioned above, you’ll never achieve long-lasting weight loss unless you address the habits that led you to become overweight in the first place. Our program isn’t just backed by science. We help our clients identify their keystone habit that has contributed to them becoming overweight, and then provide them with the tools, skills and strategies to enable them to change this habit or mindset. We also help our clients develop new habits that will support them in their weight loss efforts, and that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Exercise and food is only 3% of our program and the other 97% is our foundational habits — unlike other programs that are 100% focused on food and exercise. Remember, even if the weight loss plan you’re following is sustainable for the long-term, and is scientifically backed (i.e. not a fad diet) you’ll still struggle to succeed unless you address your habits.

Eat ice-cream!

Yes, that’s right! We eat ice-cream. We also eat cake, drink champagne and eat out.

We believe that life is meant to be lived, and so we don’t restrict any food group, or food type. Instead, we show our clients how they can incorporate their favourite foods (even cheesecake and champagne) into their weekly plan and still lose weight. Most importantly, we help our clients enjoy these foods without the guilt associated with traditional diets.

Support one another

As part of our Confidence Avalanche Academy Body & Lifestyle Transformation we run a private Facebook group for our members. This is a safe place where members can celebrate their wins, share their challenges, and support each other in their journey. Having the right support network is crucial if you want to lose weight and keep it off, so we ensure that our community consists of the right kind of people, who are willing to support others, in order that they may also be supported. Our members also help provide accountability to one another, which is the glue that will hold your transformation together.

Make you accountable

Accountability is a key component of our programs because without it, you’ll never take the action you need to take, to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Most other programs out there don’t make you accountable. This is because keeping someone accountable requires personalised attention and a specialised skillset — something that many trainers don’t have. Accountability is also hard to sell because most people are afraid of it! However, we understand that being held accountable helps you to stay on track with your weight loss, and helps you do the things you need to do, even when motivation is low. If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, maybe accountability is what you’ve been missing.

Provide personalised, structured program

Unlike the fad diets and quick-fixes, we offer a personalised, structured program specific to your needs, that details the specific actions you need to take in order to change your habits and lose weight. We provide you with the action steps, so you’ll never get stuck, go backwards, or plateau with your results.

All of our training programs are personalised according to our clients’ goals, mobility, injuries and fitness levels, so you’ll never feel like you ‘can’t keep up’ or it’s ‘too much’. By focusing on correct form in all our training and not doing excessive amounts of exercise, you significantly reduce the likelihood of burning out or sustaining an injury. Plus, our programs all incorporate progressive overload, which means that you’ll never be bored, you’ll always be challenged, and you’ll continue to get better results, without plateauing.

And every six weeks, we sit down with our clients one-on-one to track their progress, see what’s working, see what’s not, and make adjustments to their program in order for them to continue moving forward.

Get results that last

We’re not in the business of quick-fixes for seemingly quick results. When results seem to happen quickly, you can bet that they won’t last. We take a long-term approach to weight loss. While this may seem like the long way around for some, it’s actually the quickest way to lose weight and keep it off forever. Think about it. Of all the diets you’ve been on, have any of them led to long-term weight loss? You may have invested years, and thousands of dollars trying to lose weight, and yet here you are, still trying to shed the extra kilos.

But by giving us a few hours every week, for 12 months, we guarantee to get you in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

Change lives for the better

We’re in the business of changing lives. Of course, we change the lives of our clients who are working directly with us. But the change in their lives, ripples out and changes the lives of their families, their kids, work colleagues and friends. Some of our clients have even inspired other people, who they had never met, to join Imani Tribe and start their own journey.

Losing weight is just one small part of the picture. When you become the best version of yourself, then you start to change other people’s lives for the better.

That’s what drives us. That’s what gives us the most satisfaction.

So are you ready for a different approach to weight loss this year? Are you ready to drop the diets, the deprivation, the endless exercise and lose weight once and for all?


Let’s face it—fad diets, guesswork, doing it alone, all-or-nothing approach, and one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter programs have failed you a million times before. We are different.

Experience 12 months of premium 1-to-1 holistic transformation tailored to your goals and needs on demand with highly experienced world-class specialists who genuinely care from anywhere in the world or unlimited face-to-face personal training as standalone or bundled options, from the comfort of our brand new, 24/7, state-of-the-art, exclusive members-only premium lux private boutique fitness studio (fun, safe, and supportive community), all at a fraction of the cost of regular PT sessions.

Almost all diet plans and conventional weight loss/fitness programs are guaranteed to fail due to three major reasons; they overlook the underlying issues, offer 6-12 week short-term quick fixes, and lack a systematic approach. The key to long-term success lies in addressing the emotional and psychological factors, adopting a sustainable mindset, and implementing a well-defined system.

This is why we offer something very different and guarantee long-term results.

Discover The world’s first and only comprehensive one-stop transformation system that simultaneously addresses and provides long-term solutions for all three major reasons why people fail to achieve the results they desire.

The Diet Antidote Transformation System® – The Not-Diet Program for people who want more than just a good body.

The DATS program® is a complete all-in-one personalised body and lifestyle transformation system that goes beyond superficial diet and exercise. It includes fitness, nutrition, habits, mindset, lifestyle, holistic weight loss, and overall well-being.

Your goal is unique, and so should your program. Our program is customised to meet you where you are and deliver maximum results with minimum time and effort, regardless of your goals, needs, starting point, or abilities over 12 months, although sometimes more, sometimes less.

It enhances self-awareness, bridges the gap between knowledge and action, improves consistency, and eliminates guesswork, confusion, and all limiting factors. It provides everything you need—knowledge, skills, proven tools, strategies, resources, a structured framework, implementation system, guidance, accountability, support, and a conducive environment—to achieve and maintain the best shape of your life, develop sustainable habits, and reclaim your health, confidence, happiness, freedom, vitality, quality of life, well-being, and power from diet culture, all without compromising your well-being or giving up what you love.

The DATS program® offers a comprehensive solution in one single package.

Limited spots on a first-come, first-served basis!

Our membership is capped to maintain high-quality premium standards and to ensure that we provide all our members with the personal care and attention they deserve.

Intake only opens twice per year on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on availability due to high demand and limited spots.

Transform your life, not just your body from anywhere in the world.

Online or face-to-face, we guarantee maximum results in minimum time, with minimum effort, regardless of your goals, needs, starting point, or abilities, as long as you stick with us for 12 months.


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Transform Your Life, Not Just Your Body, From Anywhere In The World!

Online or face-to-face, we guarantee maximum results in minimum time, with minimum effort, regardless of your goals, needs, starting point, or abilities, as long as you stick with us for 12 months.

Limited spots on a first-come, first-served basis​

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Transform Your Life, Not Just Your Body, From Anywhere In The World!

Online or face-to-face, we guarantee maximum results in minimum time, with minimum effort, regardless of your goals, needs, starting point, or abilities, as long as you stick with us for 12 months.

Limited spots on a first-come, first-served basis​



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